Annulling of pensions out of the erections since the annexation

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, has united, annexed and incorporated and by the tenor of this present act unites, annexes and incorporates in his highness's patrimony and to his crown, to remain therewith inseparably in all time coming, all and sundry the feu mails and blench duties of all lands, lordships and baronies which pertained of old to whatsoever benefice within this realm and have been erected in temporal livings before or since the act of annexation made in July 1587. And therefore have made void and annulled and by the tenor hereof makes void and annuls all and whatsoever pensions and other dispositions made by his majesty heretofore since the said act of annexation to whatsoever person or persons of any part or pertinent thereof are of any temporalities of vacant benefices fallen in his highness's hands at any time since the said act of annexation, and that be esteemed in all time coming null and of no value, notwithstanding whatsoever confirmation or grant thereof in parliament or otherwise.

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