Regarding payment of the duty of the wine

It is statute and ordained by our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament that the duty granted by the estates to his majesty upon the wine be thankfully paid to his majesty's collector in all time coming, within the space of 10 days next after their arriving within this country; and to this effect, ordain the provost and bailies of each burgh within whose bounds and jurisdiction any wine shall arrive in time coming to take sufficient caution and surety of the merchants, mariners and other importers of the said wine, that they shall thankfully pay the said duty granted to our sovereign lord thereof within the space foresaid to his highness's collectors appointed for collection thereof, and hereupon ordain letters to be directed (if need be) both to charge the said provost and bailies to take the said caution; as also either to charge the caution or then the importers at the pleasure of the collector to make payment of the said duty to his highness within the said 10 days next after their arriving within this realm, under the pain of rebellion. And if they fail therein, the said 10 days being bypast, to denounce them rebels and put them to the horn, and that they be not relaxed therefrom to the time they pay the double of the said duty to the collector for their contemptuousness.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.35r-35v.