Ratification of the acts made for annexation of the property and annulling of dispositions made in princes' minorities

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify and approve the acts of parliament made by King James II and King James V entitled 'Regarding the annexation of lands to the crown', and specially the act made by the said King James II upon 4 August 1455, and also another act made by the said King James V upon 3 December the year of God 1540 and whole points, articles and clauses specified therein, and all other acts made by any of our sovereign lord's predecessors concerning the keeping of the annexed property to remain with the crown. And further, our said sovereign lord, with advice of his estates in parliament, declares that all persons who have uplifted, received and intromitted with or shall hereafter intromit with at his highness's special command any of the king's annexed property by virtue of the said acts of parliament shall incur no danger of ejection, deprivation or wrongful intromission, and declares that they shall be quit and free thereof and all action that may follow thereupon. And likewise our sovereign lord and estates in this present parliament find, decree and declare the act of dissolution made by our sovereign lord in his highness's minority in the parliament held at Edinburgh in the year of God 1584, and all others acts of dissolution made by his highness or his said predecessors in their minorities, although the same acts and infeftments following thereupon be ratified in parliament in their majority, to be null and of no value, force nor effect with all that has followed or may follow thereupon.

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