Regarding fraudulent dispositions made by persons forfeited

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding that diverse persons who have committed the crime of treason and lese-majesty in defraud of his highness and his donators have made diverse bonds, obligations, letters of tacks, assignations, gifts of pensions, letters of factory and diverse other gifts and dispositions as if the same had been made and granted by them between2 the crime of treason attempted by the said persons forfeited, for remedy whereof, it is statute and ordained that no letters of pension, factory, bonds, obligations or assignations made or granted by any person forfeited shall be valid, effectual, sufficient nor if any action without the same be either lawfully confirmed by his majesty or authorised by a decreet of the ordinary judge obtained before the said persons forfeited were first summoned and challenged for the crimes of treason for which they were forfeited, notwithstanding whatsoever confirmation or decreet obtained and following thereupon since their said first citation upon the crimes of treason laid to their charge. And in special our sovereign lord, with advice of his estates in this present parliament, statutes, decrees and declares whatsoever contract, obligation or disposition of lands, goods and gear in any way made by William [Douglas], sometime earl of Angus, George [Gordon], sometime earl of Huntly, Francis [Hay], earl of Erroll and Sir Patrick Gordon of Auchindoun, persons forfeited in this present parliament, in prejudice of his highness and his donators since the said persons forfeited were first summoned to hear and see them forfeited, to be null and of no value, force nor effect with all that has followed or may follow thereupon.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.34r-34v.
  2. APS changes this to '[before]'.