For relief of those whose lands are or shall be designed for manses and glebes to ministers

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding there are sundry feuars and possessors having kirklands near adjacent to the kirk where there has been no manses nor glebes of old, nor yet designed of new, and considering [that it would be both against reason and good conscience]2 that there should be a glebe designed only of the said kirklands that pertains to one feuar and possessor and not of the rest, and specially where the whole lands within the parish or a great part of the said lands are similarly held of the kirk and pay the same duty, therefore, to the effect that the ministers may be the better answered of their manses and glebes in time coming and enter thereto without any trouble or contention, according to the former act of parliament made regarding manses and glebes of the ministers, statute and ordain that where designation of manse and glebes be made and taken from kirkland (the whole parish or one great part thereof being kirkland, and the minister notwithstanding designed to the kirkland most nearest and adjacent to the kirk), that the feuars, possessors and tacksmen out of whose lands the manses or glebes are designed shall have their relief of the remaining parishioners who are feuars, possessors and tacksmen of kirklands lying within the said parish proportionally.

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