Legislation: private act
Act in favour of Sir James Chisholm [of Dundurn]

The which day the king's majesty, with advice of his nobility, council and estates presently convened, decrees and declares the licence granted by his highness to Sir James Chisholm of Dundurn, knight, for his departing and remaining out of this realm during a certain space expressed therein to be effectual to him in all points according to the tenor thereof because he has found caution, acted in the books of secret council, that he shall behave himself as a dutiful and obedient subject during the time of his absence out of this realm, and do nor attempt nothing in hurt or prejudice of his highness, his estate nor the true religion presently professed within this realm under a certain pecuniary pain mentioned in the act made thereupon. Providing always that the said Sir James uses his licence and departs out of this realm between now and 25 March next to come, otherwise the same licence to be null and of no value, force nor effect thereafter.

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