Procedure: preamble; fencing of parliament; asking of instruments

The parliament of the most excellent prince James VI, king of Scots, held and opened in Edinburgh on 3 April in the year of the Lord 1593, by the lords commissioners of parliament named below, namely William [Douglas], earl of Morton, lord Dalkeith, Lord Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, treasurer, Lord Robert Melville of Murdocairnie, knight, treasurer depute, Walter [Stewart], commendator of Blantyre, Edward [Bruce], commendator of Kinloss, Robert Douglas, provost of Lincluden, specially constituted by the commission of our supreme lord the king, on 1 April [in the year of the Lord 15]91, together with Thomas Scott, marischal depute, William Henryson, constable depute, and Robert Fraser, messenger, sheriff depute, and Oliver Sinclair, dempster. Suits were called and the court affirmed. Upon the fencing of the which parliament, Master David MacGill [of Cranstoun-Riddel], advocate to our sovereign lord, in his highness's name asked instruments.

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