2Act of dissolution of the parsonage and vicarage of Kirkliston

Forasmuch as the parsonage and vicarage of Kirkliston, which of before was a part of the patrimony of the bishopric of St Andrews, was dissolved from the said bishopric and the same as a several benefice ordained to be conferred in all time coming to the minister whatsoever that shall happen to serve the cure at the parish kirk thereof, and that Master James Law, present minister at the said kirk, according to the said dissolution, has obtained of his majesty a gift and presentation of the said parsonage and vicarage and collation of the same by the presbytery of Linlithgow and is in possession thereof, therefore his majesty, with advice of his estates in this present parliament, has ratified and approved and by the tenor hereof ratifies, approves and affirms the said dissolution of the parsonages and vicarages foresaid with the said gift and provision made to the said Master James thereupon in all points after the form and tenor thereof, to remain good, valid, effectual and sufficient now and in all time coming to him and his successors saving the right of anyone.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.21v.
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.