2Commission regarding deciding of suspensions in the king's causes

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, understanding that a great part of his highness's rents of the property, treasury and collectory is resting in the tenants' hands and others indebted in payment thereof for diverse years bygone, by reason of certain suspensions raised at the instance of diverse persons which lies over undecided and of hornings executed against a great number of rebels who contemptuously have lain at the horn these many years for non-payment of his highness's duties by and through the default of the negligent and slow prosecution of the said hornings according to the laws of this realm; and considering that for remedy of the said suspensions and decision thereof there was a special act of parliament made in the year of God 1584 giving full power and commission to the lords auditors of his highness's exchequer to decide all the said suspensions summarily, to the effect his highness's rent might be reduced to the former integrity and best estate, therefore his highness and estates foresaid ratify and approve the said act of parliament and commission therein contained, and of new gives, grants and commits full power and authority to the lords auditors of his highness's exchequer, namely: [...],3 and to the senators of the college of justice above-written, or to any seven of them (there being always five of the said senators of the college of justice of the said number), full power, jurisdiction and authority to decide all and whatsoever suspensions of his highness's property, treasury or collectory raised or to be raised by whatsoever person or persons, and to pronounce their final sentence and decreet therein, which shall be of great force and effect and have the same execution as if they were given and pronounced by the lords of the session, commanding the said senators of the college of justice and lords auditors of his highness's exchequer, commissioners foresaid, to convene every week, twice at the least, in the afternoon, and to attend upon the decision of the said causes, and to administer justice therein according to the law.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.16v-17r.
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.
  3. A gap of about five lines follows in which the names should have been inserted.