2Against the sayers of mass and harbourers or entertainers of excommunicated papists

It is statute and ordained that in case in time coming any person or persons say mass, or harbour and entertain willingly by the space of three nights together, or three nights at several times, excommunicated Jesuits or trafficking papists against the king's majesty and religion presently professed and established within this realm, the same being duly and lawfully tried, shall verify and infer the deed to have been of the knowledge and goodwill of the person or persons accused; therefore, who being convict of the premises, or any of them, their escheat for the first fault shall fall and become in his majesty's hands and shall be intromitted with to his highness's proper use; and being convict thereof the second time, shall lose their liferent of whatsoever their lands, possessions, other goods and gear; and being accused and convicted thereof the third time, shall incur the pain of treason, and the process and doom of forfeiture shall be orderly led, pronounced and executed against them with all rigour.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.10r.
  2. The letter 'V.' written in the margin.