2Act concerning the escheats of the persons contained in the summons of forfeiture for burning of Donibristle and slaughter of [James Stewart], earl of Moray

The king's majesty and estates of this present parliament find, decree and declare that the whole persons summoned in this present parliament to be forfeited for the slaughter of the late James, earl of Moray within his place of Donibristle (notwithstanding the inconvenient relaxation used and produced by his highness's advocate), to the effect they might have compeared and stand in judgement in defence against the said summons of forfeiture, shall incur and fall in the danger of the loss of their liferents as being a year and a day at the horn from the first time of their denunciation for committing of the said slaughter likewise and in the same manner as if the foresaid relaxation had never been granted, executed nor intervened, to the effect that the gifts of escheat and liferent of the foresaid rebels already conveyed or to be conveyed to the said late Earl of Moray's bairns, brother and sisters may have and take full effect and be converted to their particular benefit and commodity, without prejudice always of such persons contained in the said summons of forfeiture as have obtained special remissions of the foresaid crime, and of William Gordon of Auchindoir, whom the king's majesty has ordained to be deleted out of the said summons of treason according to a special warrant given by his majesty to that effect; as also without prejudice of the gifts of escheats and liferent already conveyed by his majesty of the foresaid persons contained in the said summon of forfeiture, or any of them, to Sir George Home of Spott, knight, and John Livingstone of Dunipace, younger.

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  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin.