[Ratification to Sir William Keith of Delny]

In the parliament held at Edinburgh within the tolbooth thereof on 5 June 1592, [...] sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament now before his majesty [...] perfect [...] highness's revocations, both special and general, for sundry good and reasonable causes and considerations moving them and his majesty, for the causes specified in the charters and [infeftments] mentioned before, now having [...] by them and the causes thereof being presently tried and verified sufficiently in plain parliament, have ratified [...] and [...] hereof ratifies and approves and perpetually confirms the charters and infeftments of feu ferm with the [...] therein contained, made and granted by our sovereign lord under his majesty's [...] of before, with the advice and consent of his comptroller and treasurer [...], to his beloved Sir William Keith of Delny, knight, [...] of all and whole the lands and barony of Delny, the [...] created and incorporated, comprehending [...] lands, mills, [...], fishings, [...] patronage of certain fruits and [...] whatsoever specified in the said charters, lying in the sheriffdom of Ross and [...] thereof, and in [...] re[...] and in [...] in the said barony of Delny, then erected, to be held of our said sovereign lord and his successors in feu ferm, heritage and free barony for yearly payment to them for the said lands, mills, fishings and bailiaries, [...]mentioned of the old feu ferm of victual, barley, meal, corns, customs, meats [...], capons [...], together with the precept and infeftment of sasine following thereupon of whatsoever [...] the same be, and whole contents of the same charters and sasine in all and sundry their clauses, points, articles, passes and [...] specified therein, and certifies, ratifies and approves the act of dest[...] mentioned [...] parliament held at Edinburgh, 29 July 1587, dissolving the lands, barony and [...] above-mentioned from the patrimony of his crown for [...] of the rental, in the manner specified in the said charters and [...] sovereign [...] and authority thereto, likewise they find and declare the same to have been from the beginning and to be in all times coming good, valid and sufficient rights and [...]is by the said Sir William Keith and his foresaids for [...]sing, using and possessing of all and sundry the foreanent lands, barony and bailiaries afore[...] thereof, notwithstanding of whatsoever acts of annexation, other acts, statutes, constitutions or revocations, special and general, made of before that might or may be interpreted in the contrary, and [...] of whatsoever other defections, causes or occasions bygone [...] with [...] and statute for [...] other ordain the said charters of feu ferm to be inserted word by word in this present act and confirmation, of the which charters above-mentioned the tenor follows:

[Abstract of Latin:] The king confirmed to his familiar counsellor Sir William Keith of Delny, master or keeper of his wardrobe, and his heirs male and assignees, the lands and recently erected barony of Delny, as in a charter made at Falkland on 1 August 1587, as follows (from RMS, v, charter no. 1331):

[The king, after dissolving in a recent parliament the annexation (made in the time of James III, with the consent of the three estates) of the earldom of Ross to his crown, set at feu ferm to William Keith, master of his wardrobe, and his heirs male and assignees, the towns and lands of Meikle Allan, alias Allanmuir, the brew-house of the same, Culrossy, Drummedart, alias Drummeach, Glastuly, Drumgilye, Mekill Meddat, alias Meddatmoir, the brew-house with the brewery lands of the same, without toft [and] croft, the lands of Wester Pollo, Badebaa, Ruiffis, Knokapark, Ballintred, Fiachiache (Fiachlache?), Ardingaak, Delny, the brew-house of the same with toft [and] croft, and with two other brew-houses of the same without toft [and] croft, the orchard of Delny, Calrechie, Incheafuir, Kingcraig, Culkenzie, Craigmylne, with the multures and brew-houses of the same, Cumlaachmonoch, Cumlichmoir, Bracach, Balcony, with the brewery and Flukariscroft, half the 'Daach de Culmalochie', the lands of Culcragy (or Kincragie), the mill of Alness, with the fishery of Ardroy vocat. 'the Stell' with the 'yair de Balcony' with the brew-house of the same, Culcarne with the brew-house of the same, the lands of Swordale, Fyres, Culcragy with the mill and multures of the same, with the brew-house of the same, the lands of Mylnetoun of Culmalochy, Over Culmelochy, the fishery called 'the Stell de Ardroy', the fishery of Ardmoir called 'the Stell', the mill of Catwoll with its multures, Lyttill Scattoll, Rowie, Kynnellane, Wester Drany, Ardullie, with the mill called Tympen-mylne and its multure, the brew-house of Kinnettes, alias Ardwell, Kynnahard, Easter and Wester Achille, the brew-house of Coull, with its croft, and the brew-house of the same without the croft, the lands of Park, Ulledell, Meikle Scattoll, Urray, Kilchiliddrum, Ord, with the mill and brew-house, Bow(b)lair, Balnagowan, Balnaknock, Tarradale, with the mill, the ferry, Scutell, Logyreith, with the brew-house, Easter Kessock, Kessock ferry, the fishery of the same called 'the Stell', with the brew-house of the same, the lands of Easter Pollo and Auchinaloche, with the mansions, manors, fortalices, mills, rivers, fisheries, the lands of Morichmoir adjacent to the part of the sea called 'the Briggis', and surrounded by the sea for the greater part (between the Briggis to the north, another part of the sea called Polnagragak to the east, the Tain ferry and sea to the west, the lands of Inverathie, Petnellie, Ballacherie, Ballingall, Newtoun to the south), in the earldom of Ross, sheriffdom of Inverness; the towns and lands of Garguston, Newton of Redcastle with the brew-house and smiddy-croft of the same, Hilton, the mill of Culbokie with its multures, Drumquhidden, 'Vester-half-Daachis', 'Eister-half-Dachis', with the brew-house of the Daachis and its croft, the lands of Killen, Bennetsfield and the mill of Petfur, with its multures, the lands of Drynie with the brew-house of Petfur, the mill of Petchonachtie, alias Petfur, with its multures and brew-house of the same, in the lordship of Ardmeanach, sheriffdom of Inverness. All of which the king incorporated in the free barony of Delny and wished that a single sasine taken at the mansion and manor of Delny should stand for all. Paying annually [a lengthy list of payments follows], with duplication of the feu ferms on entry of an heir.]

[(from RMS, v, charter no. 1625) Also the lands and town of Drumdarvatt in the lordship of Ardmeanach, the town and lands of Wester Kessock in the earldom of Ross, sheriffdom of Inverness, which the same William resigned, and which the king granted anew, with 'lie Gardneracroft', the orchard of Delny, the brewery lands of Kincraig, Esse-Coull with the mill, Balnaknock, alias Hilton of Tarradale, with the brewery lands and mill of the same, with the multures and croft, [and] the lands of Petfure. And, seeing that the support of the cathedral churches and canons is abolished, and that it is expedient that one parsonage be erected at each of the following parish churches, to which shall be annexed the parsonages and vicarages of the same for the sustenance of the parsons or minister at each, he suppressed the benefice called the deaconry of Ross (to which the garbal teinds and parsonage of Kilmuir and Ardersier and a quarter of the garbal teinds and parsonage of Rosemarkie and Cromartie are annexed), the office of treasurer of Ross (to which are annexed the teinds (etc.) of Urquhart and Logie, and another quarter of Rosemarkie and Cromartie), the chancellery of Ross (to which are annexed the teinds of Sudine and Kynnates), the archdeaconry of Ross (teinds, etc., of Urray), the subdeanery of Ross (Tain, Adertayne, parsonage and vicarage of Cullicuddin, parsonage of Rosskeen, parsonage and vicarage of Kincardine, the parsonage of Alness); reserving the fruits of the said benefices to the possessors for their lives; and erected the parsonage in each of the churches of Kilmuir, Ardersier, Sudine, Kynnates, Rosemarkie, Cromartie, Urray, Cullicudden, Rosskeen, Kincardine and Alness, to which he granted all the teinds, manse, glebes, ecclesiastical lands and profits, both parsonage and vicarage, of each of the said churches, and, knowing the good zeal of the said William for the propogation of the Gospel, granted the advocation of those churches to him; also the three chaplainries of Alness founded on the garbal teinds of Alness, and the chaplainries of Navatie, Newmuir and Tarlaquhy, which advocation is annexed to the barony. And all these lands, the advocation, etc., are incorporated anew into the barony of Delny, granting William the title of baron Delny, and ordaining that a single sasine at the mansion and manor of the town and lands of Delny will be sufficient. To be held in feu ferm. Paying for Meikle Allan, etc., [as above and in Latin]; for Wester Kessock and for Drumdarvet [detailed list of fees follows]. (from RMS, v, charter no. 1625) And one silver penny for the advocation, by way of blench ferm.]

Witnesses: John [Hamilton], lord Hamilton, commendator of Arbroath, Patrick [Adamson], archbishop of [St Andrews], Walter [Stewart], commendator of Blantyre, keeper of the privy seal, Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet, clerk of the rolls and register of council, Sir Lewis Bellenden of Auchnoull, justice clerk, and Robert Scott, director of our chancellery. At Holyroodhouse on 3 February 1588, and in the twenty-second year of our reign.

And to the aforesaid effect [...] conveys and sets in feu ferm anew to the said Sir William Keith and his foresaids all and whole the said lands of Delny, with all and sundry the said [...] and other [things] mentioned above, annexed and [...] and his successors [...], and for [...] the par[...] contained therein, which our sovereign lord and the aforesaid estates hold as expressed in this part [...] ordains a new charter to be made thereupon by his majesty [...] contained in the said [...] to be extended in due and ample form with all clause needful, which they declare shall be good and sufficient [...]. Extracted from the books of parliament by me Alexander [...] of our supreme lord the king, under my sign and subscription manual.

  1. NAS, PA7/1/45, f.1r-v. Scots text and witness list from the MS. Abbreviated Latin from RMS, v, nos 1625, 1331, 1336. The original manuscript is much damaged by age and presents major obstacles to a full and accurate transcription.