Ratification to [John Livingstone], laird of Dunipace

2Our sovereign lord now after his age of 25 years, with advice of the estates of this realm convened at this present parliament, ratifies, approves and, for his majesty and his successors, perpetually confirms the charter and infeftment made and granted by his majesty to his highness's beloved John Livingstone, elder, of Dunipace, in liferent for all the days of his lifetime, and to John Livingstone, his son and apparent heir, in freehold and liferent for all the days of his lifetime after his said father's decease when it shall happen, and to John Livingstone, son and apparent heir to the said John Livingstone, apparent heir of Dunipace, his heirs and assignees in fee heritably, of all and sundry the lands and others after-specified, which are their own proper lands and heritages, with all liberties and privileges contained in the said infeftment according to the tenor and substance thereof in all points. Likewise his majesty wills and declares and, by this ratification, expressly decrees and ordains that it shall not be permissible to the said John Livingstone, elder, and John Livingstone, younger, of Dunipace, freeholders and life-renters foresaid, in any time coming during their lifetimes to hurt or prejudice the said John Livingstone, son to the said John Livingstone, younger, of Dunipace, fiar foresaid, his heirs or assignees, regarding the lands, baronies and others mentioned below and their pertinents pertaining to him after their deaths, nor make the same in any war, estate nor condition, than the same presently are.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.89v.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.