Ratification to [James Hay], lord Yester

2Our sovereign lord, now after his age of 25 years, with advice of the estates of this realm, ratifies, approves and, for his majesty and his successors, perpetually confirms the charter and infeftment made and granted by his majesty after his age foresaid to his highness's trusty cousin James, lord Hay of Yester, and to his male heirs and of tailzie specified in the charter and infeftment underwritten, of all and sundry the lands, lordship and living of Yester, and others contained in the said infeftment under the great seal, of the date at Perth, 29 May 1591, in all and sundry points, passages, articles, clauses, immunities, privileges, liberties and circumstances whatsoever therein contained; and decrees and declares for his majesty and his successors foresaid that the same infeftment is, and shall be in all time coming, effectual, good, valid and sufficient to the said James, lord Hay of Yester, his male heirs, of tailzie and assignees specified therein, for the peaceable possessing and enjoying of the foresaid lands, lordship and living, with all liberties and privileges contained in the same infeftment perpetually and in all time coming according to the tenor and substance thereof in all points, notwithstanding whatsoever his majesty's revocations made at any time of before, or any others of his highness's acts, laws, statutes or constitutions, general or special, made to the prejudice or derogation thereof, or any of the liberties or privileges expressed in the same, under the which the said infeftment, nor any part thereof, shall never be comprehended by any manner of way.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'.