Ratification of a pension to Walter Henryson

Our sovereign lord, remembering the good, true and thankful service done to his majesty by his beloved Walter Henryson, writer, in diverse affairs committed to his credit, and specially regarding the form and scheme for collection of the rest of the thirds and surplus of benefices, wherein he, with great diligence and excessive pain, sufficiently discharged his honest duty as is commonly known to his majesty and estates of this present parliament; therefore, and for diverse other weighty causes and good considerations foreseen to his highness and estates, now after his perfect age of 25 years complete, general and last revocation of his certain knowledge and proper motive, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and perpetually confirms two letters of pension made and granted to the said Walter, by the late Master Thomas Hay, minister at the Cross Kirk of Peebles for the time, the one letter of 412 bolls of victual, and the other of 17 bolls, being the ferms of the lands of East Fortune, lying within the constabulary of Haddington; together with his majesty's two letters of confirmation and ratification of the said pension, containing a special disposition of the said 17 bolls of victual, with a new disposition of the said 16 bolls of victual, as the said letters of pension, confirmation and ratification respectively grant to the said Walter thereupon in themselves at more length purport, in all and sundry heads, points, articles and conditions therein contained; and wills and grants and, by this ratification, decrees and ordains that the said letters of pension, confirmation, ratification and disposition respectively therein contained of the foresaid two pensions, extending in the whole to 33 bolls of victual, shall be as effectual and sufficient in all respects to the said Walter for his peaceable possessing, uplifting and receiving of the said pensions during all the space and years mentioned in the said gifts and confirmation respectively, as if the same were word for word at length inserted in this present act, and as if the said pension of 17 bolls of victual granted by the said late Master Thomas Hay were passed with all consents and solemnities requisite, dispensing with all faults that might be opposed against the same, which shall be as largely extended and interpreted in favour of the said Walter as if the said pensions were by virtue of this ratification conveyed to him; likewise for his greater security thereof, his majesty, with advice foresaid, by this ratification, gives and conveys to the said Walter the said 33 bolls of victual according to the said letters of pension, confirmations and dispositions therein contained in all points; and also for the causes foresaid, his majesty, with advice foresaid, by this ratification, gives and conveys to the said Walter the two friars' portions with the houses, yards, profits and other duties whatsoever pertaining thereto, which pertained of before to the late friars Thomas Smith and John Newton, friars of the said Cross Kirk for the time, as well of all years bygone since their and either of their deaths as yearly in time coming, to be peaceably uplifted and received by the said Walter during his lifetime, with full part to him, also in death, of transferring the aforementioned two pensions and particles respectively to any person or persons to whom it seems best to the said Walter, to the which person or persons this ratification is, and shall be, as valid and effectual during their lifetime as if the said pensions and portions were conveyed to them principally; which disposition and assedation of the said pensions and portions respectively his majesty and his said estates, by this ratification, find, decree and declare to be sufficient right and title to the said Walter and his foresaids for holding and possessing thereof in time coming during the said space respectively, notwithstanding the act of annexation of kirk lands and duties thereof to his highness's crown, or any other act, law or constitution already made in the contrary that may be prejudicial to the same in any point. Concerning which, and with supplement of all faults and defects that may be opposed against the said pensions, confirmations and dispositions therein contained, or yet against this present act, his majesty, with advice of the said estates, for the causes foresaid, by this ratification, dispenses forever; and to the effect above-written, his highness and estates present, by the tenor hereof, dissolve the said pensions and portions from the patrimony of his crown during the said Walter and his assignees, and the longer liver of their lifetimes, only.

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