Ratification to James Maitland

2Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify and approve the gift of pension by the late Robert [Crichton], bishop of Dunkeld, with consent of the dean and chapter of the cathedral kirk thereof, to David Crichton, son lawful to Alexander Crichton of Naughton, so far as the same concerns the pension of £60 granted by the said bishop to the said David yearly to be uplifted out of the readiest fruits, rents, teinds, profits and emoluments and best payment of the silver duty of the teinds of the lands and barony of Buncle and Preston lying within the sheriffdom of Berwick during the said David's lifetime, with power to transfer the same, in all or in part, to whatsoever person or persons, as the said gift bears; together with the assignation and translation of the said gift so far as concerns the said pension of £60 yearly to be uplifted of the said teinds, fruits and emoluments of the said lands and barony of Buncle and Preston made by the said David Crichton, with consent and assent of the said Alexander Crichton, his father, tutor, guider and lawful administrator, and also by the said Alexander, taking the burden upon him for the said David, to James Maitland, son lawful to the late James Maitland of Auchengassel, for all the days of his lifetime; and declare that the said gift and assignation shall be sufficient right and title to the said James Maitland for uplifting of the said yearly pension of £60 during all the days of his lifetime, and the same to be as sufficient right and title to him as if he were provided thereto by our sovereign lord or by any other the best way required by the laws of this realm.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'.