Ratification of a bond of manrent to [James Weir], laird of Blackwood

2Our sovereign lord, understanding that William Weir of Stonebyres, for the reparation and satisfaction of the slaughter of the late John Weir of Poneill, son lawful to James Weir of Blackwood, and hurting of James Reid, son in law to the said James, to the great effusion of his blood, gave his special bond and obligation, obliging him, his heirs and successors in his lands and heritage in manrent and service to the said James Weir of Blackwood, his chief, his heirs and successors, in his lands and living of Blackwood perpetually in all time coming so long as the house of Blackwood remains and is held by the surname of Weir; and that the said William and his foresaids shall take plain part with the said James and his foresaids in neighbourly conduct, as also take honest, true and plain part with him and his foresaids in all and sundry his and their actions, quarrels, causes and criminal business against whatsoever person or persons so far as lies in their power (our said sovereign lord and abbot of Kelso, his superior, his own proper and popular causes only excepted); and to await and attend upon the said James and his foresaids with their servants and tenants, and come under his pennon in time of foreign or civil wars when the same occurs; and shall never know their hurt or harm in body, goods, lands, gear, fame and others whatsoever, but shall reveal the same to them and stop, hinder and impede the same as their own harm in all time coming from age to age during the space above-specified, as in the bond and obligation granted thereupon of the date at Stonebyres, 30 April 1587, and acted and registered in the books of council, and a decreet of the lords thereof interposed thereto upon 15 August 1589 is at more length contained. And our said sovereign lord, considering that the foresaid bond of manrent is given for a necessary and good cause, namely, for keeping and holding of the parties therein named, being so near in blood, in perpetual quietness in all time coming, therefore his majesty, with advice of the estates of this present parliament and whole body thereof, ratifies and approves and, for his highness and his successors, perpetually confirms the foresaid bond of manrent of service made and granted by the said William Weir of Stonebyres for him, his heirs and successors, to the said James Weir of Blackwood, his heirs and successors, bond and obligation granted thereupon, whole articles, clauses, circumstances and conditions whatsoever specified and contained therein after the form and tenor thereof, and lords' decreet above-specified interposed thereto in all points; and wills and grants and, for his highness and his successors, decrees and ordains that the foresaid bond and obligation and decreet interposed thereto is and shall be sufficient right and title to the said lands of Blackwood and Stonebyres, their successors and posterity for keeping and observing of the same in all time coming, each one for their own parts thereof to others, notwithstanding whatsoever laws, acts or constitutions made of before in the contrary appearing to be derogative hereto, regarding the which and all that may follow thereupon his majesty, for his highness and his successors, dispenses for ever.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'.