Ratification to John Shaw of Broich

2Forasmuch as the parsonage and vicarage of the kirk of Drymen, which is a part of the patrimony of the archbishopric of Glasgow, has pertained in tack and assedation to John Shaw of Broich and his predecessors as kindly tenants thereof these many years past, for renewing of the which tacks, from time to time, the said John Shaw has disbursed great sums of money, and specially in the time of James Beaton, sometime archbishop of Glasgow, thereafter in the time of Master James Boyd, who was provided to the said archbishopric by the process of barratry led against his said predecessor; which assedations, because they might have been questioned by the restitution of the said Archbishop James Beaton against the said process of barratry led against him, which restitution remained not long effectual in his person by reason he failed in giving the confession of his faith and acknowledging of our sovereign lord's authority as was ordained by the said restitution, and therefore the see of Glasgow then vacant, the said John Shaw obtained a new tack and assedation made by our sovereign lord, with advice of the great dean, vicar general and chapter of the metropolitan kirk of Glasgow, set to him, his heirs, executors and assignees of the fruits, teinds, rents and emoluments of the said kirk of Drymen, parsonage and vicarage thereof, for the space of 19 years beginning at the crop and year of God 1589, for payment of the old duty contained in the said John's former tack set by the late Master James Boyd, and rental used; which tacks set by the said late Master James Boyd, as also the tack and assedation set by his majesty with consent of the dean and chapter during vacancy of the see, our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, having seen and considered, find the same justly and lawfully granted by the said late Master James Boyd, and by our said sovereign lord, the see of Glasgow then vacant, with advice foresaid, to the said John Shaw, his heirs and assignees foresaid, and that the same is, has been and shall be sufficient right and title to the said John and his foresaids for possessing of the fruits of the said kirk, parsonage, and vicarage thereof, for the space contained therein; and that in respect of the great yearly duty which he is held to pay for that, extending yearly to 280 merks, in addition to the manse and glebe of the said kirk possessed and reserved to the minister thereat, notwithstanding that it shall happen our said sovereign lord, by his majesty's self, or by advice of the estates of his highness's parliament, at this time or any time hereafter, to dissolve the said parsonage and vicarage from the said archbishopric, or to give and convey the advocation, donation and right of patronage thereof to any other person or persons or to provide a special parson and vicar thereto; which parson and vicar so to be provided shall be held to allow, approve and keep the said tacks bygone and as many years thereof as are to run, and that they nor any others shall ever hereafter be heard to impinge the same, but shall be obliged to renew the said tacks to the said John Shaw of Broich, his heirs and assignees, keeping the substance of the former if the said John think the same expedient.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'.