Ratification to Thomas Menzies of Durn

2Our sovereign lord and estates of this realm ratify and approve the charter and infeftment made by his highness after his perfect age of 25 years to his beloved Thomas Menzies, son and apparent heir to Master Thomas Menzies of Durn, and his heirs specified and expressed in the said infeftment, of all and sundry the lands of the Kirkton of Fordyce, Hallyards and Petchedlie, with the land called Cuikis Croft, also called Little Braighauche, with the piece land adjacent thereto, the bishop's muir with the sturdy muir, tofts, crofts, houses, yards and buildings, with privilege of burgh of barony in the said town of Fordyce, with the teinds of the same lands included and others specified and contained in the said infeftment, which is of the date 29 April 1592, in all points, articles, clauses, conditions, privileges and provisions therein mentioned; declaring the same with the sasine following thereupon to be good and sufficient rights, titles and securities to the said Thomas and his heirs specified in the said infeftment, for possessing and enjoying of the said lands, towns and teinds therein contained and other privileges at length specified therein, notwithstanding of his highness's revocation made after his age of 25 years and act of parliament interposed thereto, or whatsoever other his grace's revocations bygone or to come; and therefore his highness and estates foresaid except and reserve the said infeftment out of the same revocation, declaring the same to be in no way comprehended therein, nor yet to be subject to any other of his highness's revocations, general or special, bygone or to come. And further, his majesty, with advice of his said estates and whole body of this present parliament, wills and grants and also decrees and ordains, for his highness and his successors, that this present general ratification and approbation of the infeftment above-written and sasine following thereupon shall be of as great strength, efficacy, force and effect in all respects and conditions as if the same were at length, word by word engrossed herein.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.68r-v.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.