Ratification to John Home of Slegden

2Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament have ratified and approved and, by this ratification, our said sovereign lord, for his highness and his successors, ratifies, approves and perpetually confirms the charter and infeftment granted by our said sovereign lord to his highness's beloved John Home of Slegden, his heirs and assignees, of the heritable gift of all and whole the lands called Easter and Wester Plewlands, with their pertinents, lying within the sheriffdom of Berwick, with the sasine and all that has followed thereupon, in all and sundry points, clauses, articles and conditions thereof; and decrees and declares that the same infeftment shall be a full right to the said John and his foresaids for possessing and enjoying of the said lands according to the tenor thereof.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.68r.
  2. Written in margin: 'P' and written alongside act: 'X'.