Ratification to James and John Murray

2Our sovereign lord and his estates of parliament, having seen and considered the letter of pension granted by his highness after his lawful and perfect age of 21 years complete, to his highness's beloved John Murray, son lawful to the late Patrick Murray of Tibbermuir, and James Murray, his son, the longest liver of the two, for all their lifetimes, of the feu mails and duties of the lands of Meikle and Little Tulnolwm, sometime pertaining to the friars Carmelites of Perth; and of the feu mails and duties of the lands of Cairprone, Cluthebeg, Tibbermore and certain others specified in the said gift. And finding the same given for good causes and considerations, therefore our said sovereign lord and his said estates of parliament, have ratified and approved and, by this ratification, for his highness and his successors, ratify, approve and perpetually confirm the foresaid letter of pension, with all and whatsoever decreets and sentences following thereupon, in all and sundry points, articles and clauses thereof; and will and grant, decree and declare that the said ratification in this general form shall be as sufficient as if the said letter of gift were at length inserted in this ratification; and also decree and declare that the said letter of pension shall be good, valid and sufficient to the said John Murray and his said son for possessing, enjoying and uplifting of the said feu mails and duties therein contained during all the days of their lifetimes, notwithstanding any of our said sovereign lord's revocations, special or general, or any acts, laws, statutes or constitutions made heretofore to the hurt, prejudice or derogation of the said gift in any way; and that this present ratification shall be as valuable as if the said pension had been specially excepted out of the said revocations.

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