Ratification to [John Hay], laird of Urie

2Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm the charter and infeftment made by his highness to his beloved John Hay of Urie and his male heirs lawfully procreated, or to be procreated, of his body, which failing to his nearest and lawful male heirs bearing the arms and surname of Hay and assignees whatsoever, of all and whole the lands and barony of Crimond, with castle, tower, fortalice, manor place, yards, orchards, pendicles and pertinents thereof following, namely: the lands of Crimond Park, the lands of Blairmormond, the lands of Kairnekunche, the lands of Tullikera, the lands of Crimond Haggillis, with the corn mill thereof, lands of Crimongorth and corn mill of the same, with the pendicle thereof called Loch Hills, lands of Crimonmogate, with the corn mills and waulk mill thereof, and pendicles of the same lands underwritten, namely: the lands of Cairnlob, lands of Chanryhills, lands of Karneschenocht, lands of Blairquhuttoun and lands of Berry Brae, with all muirs, mosses, pasturage, common pastures, lochs and pertinents of the said lands of Crimond Rattray, Crimond Park, Crimonmogate and Tullikera, and with all houses, buildings, mills, mill lands, dovecots, yards, orchards, woods, fishings, parts, outsets, annexes, connexes, tenants, tenancies, services of free tenants, and all parts, pendicles and pertinents of the said lands and barony of Crimond with pendicles and pertinents thereof above-mentioned whatsoever, lying in the said barony of Crimond within the sheriffdom of Aberdeen; together with the advocation, donation and right of patronage of the benefice, parsonage and vicarage of the parish kirk of Crimond, with all kirk lands, teinds, fruits and emoluments pertaining thereto, to be held of our sovereign lord and his successors in a whole and free barony and patronage; together also with the union contained in the said charter and disposition of the ward, relief and marriage owing for the forenamed lands and barony for the sums of money mentioned therein, and all and sundry others points, articles and clauses contained in the said charter and infeftment as the same of the date 3 April 1588, together also with the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon, according to the tenors thereof in all points.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.63r-v.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.