Legislation: private act
Exception for [Ludovic Stewart], duke of Lennox

2Our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, calling to remembrance how near and closely related his highness's dearest cousin Ludovic, duke of Lennox, earl of Darnley, lord Tarbolton, Methven and d'Aubigny etc., is in blood and consanguinity to his majesty, through which his highness of duty is bound to have a special care over the said Ludovic, duke of Lennox, himself, his whole lands, rents and living, specially seeing it was not his majesty's will nor intention that the charters, infeftments, gifts and dispositions thereof made, given and granted by his majesty to him at any time before should be in any way prejudiced nor hurt by any past revocations, special or general, made by his highness, but the same shall stand and be effectual to his highness's said dearest cousin, notwithstanding the said revocations; therefore his majesty, with advice foresaid, by the tenor hereof, wills, decrees and declares all and sundry the lands and others after-specified, namely: all and whole the dukedom of Lennox, earldom, lordships, baronies, regality and others whatsoever thereof contained in the infeftment granted to his highness's said dearest cousin thereupon, the lordships of Methven and Balquhidder, it with mills, multures, woods, forests, fishings, advocation, donation and right of patronage of the provostry of Methven and regality thereof, together with all charters, precepts and sasines, gifts and dispositions whatsoever made, given and granted by his majesty to his highness's said dearest cousin of the foresaid dukedom, earldom, lordships and others above-rehearsed at any time bygone to have been from the beginning and to be hereafter specially excepted and reserved out of all and sundry revocations made by our said sovereign lord at any time before the day and date of this exception, in such manner as if special exceptions and reservations thereof had been specially inserted and contained in every one of the said revocations, providing always that this exception in no way be prejudicial to Sir John Murray of Tullibardine, knight, his infeftment of the lands of Balquhidder and others of his lands specified in his said infeftment thereof with their contents, nor to the infeftments of feu ferm made and granted by his majesty, with advice of his highness's comptrollers, to Master Gilbert Moncrieff, his highness's physician, his heirs and assignees whatsoever, of all and whole the lands of Myreside and Bachilton and their pertinents lying within the lordship of Methven and sheriffdom of Perth; which infeftments our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid decree and declare to be sufficient and valuable rights and titles to the said Sir John and Master Gilbert for possessing of the said lands with their contents, notwithstanding this exception from his highness's revocation, granted in favour of his highness's said dearest cousin, which exception his majesty and estates foresaid find and declare no way to be derogatory or prejudicial thereto.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'.