Ratification of the king's majesty's revocation2

3The estates of this present parliament ratify and approve his highness's revocation made after his perfect age of 21 years complete in the month of July in the parliament held at Edinburgh, 1587; and also ratify and approve his majesty's revocation made at Falkland, 17 July 1591, of all things done in his highness's grace's minority and less age before his highness's age of 21 years, and 21 years of his mother's age, in detriment and harm of his soul and conscience, in hurt of the privilege of his crown, prejudicial to the same and to his majesty in the patrimony thereof, so far as the common law and customs of this realm leave his highness to revoke; and this act to have as great effect and as largely extended in general and in special as any revocation made by any of his majesty's progenitors of before, and suppose his highness of his favour and benevolence suffers any person or persons to use and possess any privilege or possessions of lands, rents and offices that are fallen under his grace's revocation, shall make no right to the users and holders thereof, but it shall be lawful to his majesty to put his hands thereto whenever it shall please him, without any contradiction by virtue of the said revocation, acts and constitutions of this realm made of before.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.23r.
  2. A draft copy of this act can be found at NAS, PA7/1, no.43. The copy notes that the act was approved by the lords of the articles on 3 June 1592.
  3. Written in margin: 'P'.