Committee members: lords of the articles

The whole estates of parliament chose [...]derwritten to be lords of the articles, that is to s[ay]:

  • For the clergy
  • [Adam Bothwell, bishop of] Orkney
  • [Peter Rollock, bishop of] Dunkeld
  • [Alexander Colville, commendator of] Culross
  • [Patrick Leslie of Pitcairlie, commendator of] Lindores
  • [Master William Melville, commendator of] Tongland
  • [Edward Bruce, commendator of] Kinloss
  • [Walter Stewart, commendator of] Blantyre
  • [James Drummond, commendator of] Inchaffray
  • For the nobility
  • [William Douglas, earl of] Angus
  • [George Keith, earl] Marischal
  • [James Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn
  • [John Graham,, earl of] Montrose
  • [John Erskine, earl of] Mar
  • [Robert Seton, lord] Seton
  • [James Lindsay, lord] Lindsay
  • [Alexander Lindsay, lord] Spynie
  • For the baro[ns]
  • [Mr George Lauder of the] Bass
  • [Mr David Carnegie of] Colluthie [and Kinnaird]
  • [Sir George Home of] Wedderburn
  • [Sir Alexander Bruce of] Airth
  • [Sir John Murray of] Tullibardine
  • [Sir Duncan Campbell of] Glenorchy
  • [Sir John Wishart of] Pittarrow
  • [Sir Patrick Vans of] Barnbarroch
  • For the commissioners of the burghs
  • William Little [of Overliberton], provost }
  • George Heriot, goldsmith } for Edinburgh
  • James Drummond for Perth
  • Patrick Lyon for Dundee
  • Anthony Bruce for Stirling
  • William Cunningham for Glasgow
  • James Cockburn for Haddington

Together with the ordinary officers of state, John [Maitland], lord Thirlestane, chancellor, Sir Robert Melville of Murdocairnie, knight, treasurer to our sovereign lord, Sir Richard Cockburn of Clerkington, knight, secretary to our sovereign lord, David Seaton of Parbroath, his highness's comptroller, Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston, knight, justice clerk.

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