Act in favour of the town of Anstruther

2Our sovereign lord, understanding that in the parliament held in December 1585 there was an act made erecting the town of Anstruther in a free burgh regal, with all privileges belonging thereto, which privileges the inhabitants thereof have possessed, according to their said liberty, and are most willing to contribute and bear such charges for their part proportionally as other free burghs of royalty having the like immunities granted to them; therefore his highness, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, considering how profitable the said erection has been to the common good and lieges of this realm, especially to the burghs thereof in paying of taxes and imposts with them, has therefore created, erected and confirmed the said burgh of Anstruther in a free burgh royal, with all privileges, liberties and immunities granted thereto, to be possessed by the present inhabitants within the same and their successors in all time hereafter as freely as any other free burgh of royalty is within this realm, which ratification our said sovereign lord and three estates aforesaid declare by this act shall in no way be prejudicial nor hurtful to the rights of other barons.3

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.143r-v.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.
  3. Sic. This seems to have been written in error, instead of burghs.