Act in favour of the college of Glasgow

2Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and, for his highness and his successors, perpetually confirm the charter of annexation and mortification of the parsonage and vicarage of Govan, lying within the diocese of Glasgow, with all and sundry teinds, profits, emoluments, glebe and kirkland of the same, annexed, given, granted and mortified by his highness to the college of Glasgow by his charter under his great seal of the date 13 July 1577, after the form and tenor of the foundation inserted at length in the said annexation, as the same at more length bears, together with another annexation made by the provost, bailies, council and community of the city of Glasgow to the said college, of all lands, tenements, houses, yards, annualrents, lying as well within the freedom of the said city as in any other part within this realm, which pertained of before to whatsoever order of friars, altars or chaplainries of whatsoever kirk situated within the said city, and of all other profits and commodities contained in the said annexation, as is at more length contained in the same, which lands, with the annualrents, other profits and commodities aforesaid, by [Mary], his highness's late dearest mother of worthy memory, were conveyed to the said provost, bailies, council and community, and thereafter were annexed by them to the said college for sustenance of the masters, regents and students in the same, after the form and tenor of the said annexation of the date of 8 January 1572 [1573], which disposition made by our said sovereign lord's dearest mother in manner aforesaid to the said provost, bailies, council and community of the lands, annualrents and others above-written, his highness ratifies and approves and, for him and his successors perpetually confirms, together with the donation, union and annexation made by the archbishop for the time, with consent of the chapter of the same, to the said college of the customs of the tron weights and of all merchandise and gear used to be weighed at the said tron, with all measures great and small used within the said city of Glasgow and liberty of the same, ratified and approved of before by his highness's letters under his privy seal, as at more length likewise is contained in the same, together with the immunity granted by his majesty of before to the said college that the whole rents of the same shall be in all times coming free of all taxations and impositions, as in the said letter of the date 26 May 1579 at length is contained, together with all and sundry liberties and privileges granted to the said college of old by whatsoever persons. Moreover, his highness, for the ardent zeal and affection which he has and bears to the propagation of good letters and sustenance of the professors thereof, of new has given, granted, annexed and mortified and, by this act, gives, grants, annexes and mortifies to the said college and to the principal masters, regents, students and other officers specified in the said foundation and to their successors in all time coming all and sundry the aforesaid lands, with the rents, tenements, annualrents, teind sheaves, other teinds, customs forenamed, immunities and privileges specified particularly in the foundations, annexations, mortifications and donations respectively above-written and after the form, tenor, circumstances and conditions contained in the same, and that notwithstanding the annexation of the ecclesiastical lands lately annexed to the crown of this realm and the general revocation or other restoration whatsoever, in the which his highness wills and declares the said lands, tenements, annualrents, customs, teinds mortified and annexed to the said college as said is in no way shall be comprehended.

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  2. 'P.' written in margin.