Protestation for [Robert Boyd], lord Boyd

2The which day, in presence of the king's majesty and three estates of this present parliament, compeared personally Robert, lord Boyd, for himself and these persons underwritten: they are to say, Thomas [Boyd], master of Boyd, Robert Boyd of Badenheath, James Boyd of Kipps, George Elphinstone of Blythswood, Hugh Crawford of Cloberhill and Alexander Boyd, brother-german to Adam Boyd of Penkill, and the said Lord Boyd, for himself and in name of all the special persons above-specified, protested that the benefit of pacification and restitution granted to James Beaton, archbishop of Glasgow in no way hurt nor prejudice the said lord and aforesaids concerning whatsoever right, title, tack, rental or feu granted to them, or any of them, by the late James Boyd, archbishop of Glasgow for the time, or any others, his predecessors, in any sort, but that their said rights may stand in full effect in time coming, notwithstanding the constitution aforesaid; and thereupon the said Lord Boyd, for himself and remaining persons above-written, asked acts and instruments.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.111r-v.
  2. 'P.O.' written in margin.