Act in favour of the posterity of William [Ruthven], earl of Gowrie

2Our sovereign lord, with advice of the lords of this present parliament, wills and ordains that the same general act of abolition and restitution be specially extended in the whole heads, articles and clauses of the same to the late William, earl of Gowrie, Dame Dorothea Stewart, countess of Gowrie, his spouse, John and James Ruthven, their sons, the whole remaining bairns and posterity, so that notwithstanding whatsoever conviction in justice courts, doom or process of forfeiture or other processes whatsoever led or deduced against the said late William, earl of Gowrie, the said Dame Dorothea, his spouse, their bairns and posterity, the said late earl, by virtue of the said act, is fully restored to his name, honour and fame and the said Dame Dorothea Stewart, his spouse, to her whole rooms, possessions, lands and steadings she, in any manner of way, had right to before the doom of forfeiture led against her, and the said James and John, their sons, and whole remainder of their bairns and posterity, made free to possess and use whatsoever earldoms, lordships, lands, rents, tacks, offices, dignities, benefices, gifts, dispositions and others whatsoever the said late Earl of Gowrie had the time of his decease, or that they or any of them may in any way succeed to, or otherwise may fall or appertain to them, or yet that the said James and John and remainder of their bairns and posterity had right to in their own persons before any forfeiture led and deduced against them, so that at all times hereafter they may peaceably possess and use the same according to the tenor of the said general act in all points and have the free and full benefit thereof.

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  2. 'P.' written in margin.