Procedure: commission
Commission to [Patrick Adamson], archbishop of St Andrews, other bishops and others appointed commissioners by the king's majesty in ecclesiastical causes

Our sovereign lord and his three estates of parliament statute and ordain that Patrick, archbishop of St Andrews, and others, the bishops within this realm using and exercising the function and authority of bishops, with such others as shall be constituted the king's majesty's commissioners in ecclesiastical causes, shall and may direct and put order to all matters and causes ecclesiastical within their diocese, visit the kirks and state of the ministry within the same, reform the colleges therein, receive his highness's presentations to benefices, and give collations thereupon as they shall find the persons presented qualified and worthy, and make report of such as they find insufficient in due time; and that no presentations to benefices be directed in time coming to any other, and that commissions be extended particularly hereupon in such manner as his highness and his privy council shall think expedient, under his majesty's great seal, until his highness's next parliament, and [further]2 until the same be specially discharged to endure.

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  2. APS interpolation.