2Against the granting of respites and remissions for slaughters, fire-raising and other odious crimes to be committed after the date hereof

The king's majesty, considering that slaughters, fire-raising and other odious crimes have been so commonly committed through all the parts of this realm, and a great part of the occasion thereof supposed to be the ready granting of his highness's respites and remissions to the committers thereof, upon inopportune suits made to his majesty; therefore his highness, remembering how grievous such slaughters, fire-raising and other odious crimes are in God's sight and how offensive to the estate of the commonwealth of this realm, following the good and most lovable example of his [most noble]3 progenitors in the like case, at the instant request of his three estates assembled in this present parliament, and for the better eschewing of trespasses and enormities, the safety of his lieges and common profit of his realm, of his special grace and favour, has granted and in the word of a king promised to close his hands and cease from granting any respites or remissions for any manner of slaughters, fire-raising and other odious crimes that shall happen to be committed for the space of three years coming after the date hereof, that in the meantime his realm may be put in peace and rule, and his lieges live in surety; and if any remissions be given or granted for old actions, that it shall be expressed and provided in the same that the trespass was committed before this present parliament, and that his highness and [his]4treasurer have seen where the party is compensated, and if the contrary be found, the remission or respite is to be of no value.

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