Concerning the discharging of factories

Forasmuch as it is clearly understood by the king's majesty and three estates of this present parliament that after that the late James [Douglas], earl of Morton and other disobedient subjects were accused of treason and he committed in ward until he should have been tried of the same, according to the laws of the realm, and at the same time our said sovereign lord gave sundry factories of the said persons' livings to sundry persons, who not only have intromitted with diverse and sundry mails, ferms, profits and duties pertaining to them and have rendered no account of their intromission, but also under pretence of the said gifts yet intromit therewith, therefore it is statute and ordained by our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, that all such gifts be discharged and presently discharges the same and all factories given to whatsoever person or persons in manner aforesaid, and decrees and declares the same to have no strength, force nor effect in time coming; and ordains letters of publication to be directed hereupon in the appropriate form.

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