Against the shameful oppression and slaying and hoching2 of oxen and horses

3Forasmuch as by the loveable laws and acts of parliament made of before such special respect is had to the labouring of the ground in due season as the oxen and cattle occupied in the plough are forbidden to be poinded for any manner of debt during the time of cultivation, yet sundry wicked persons, moved in spite against their neighbours, cease not commonly in their private revenge to hoch and slay oxen and horses in the plough, byre and otherwise, and to hound out bare men and vagabonds to the attempting of such foul and shameful enormities, so far prejudicial to the commonwealth and against all good example; for staunching whereof in time coming and to the terror as well of the committers of such foul and shameful oppressions as of the creators, fortifiers and resetters of the committers thereof, it is statute and ordained by our sovereign lord, with the advice of the three estates of this present parliament, that all such slayers and hochers of horses and oxen, or other cattle in time coming, shall be esteemed and punished as thieves, and all persons that shall happen to reset, supply and maintain the authors of such oppression in company or household after the committing thereof shall be esteemed and punished as resetters and maintainers of thieves, and both the committers of the said unworthy and shameful oppression and the resetters, suppliers and maintainers of them, being duly called and convicted, therefore to incur the pain of death and confiscation of all goods moveable.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.70r.
  2. To disable by cutting the tendons of the hough or hamstring.
  3. In the margin: a cross denotes acts to be printed.