For the surety of them that besieged houses by the king's commission in his highness's minority

2Concerning the supplication given in to our sovereign and lords of articles of this present parliament by the noblemen and others of his true and faithful subjects that served in the defence of his highness's authority and crown during the late civil troubles within this realm in the time of his majesty's young age, making mention that where they being often times employed by his late regents for the time in the execution of diverse commissions against sundry of his highness's unnatural subjects, rebels and withstanders of his authority, who at that time assisted and took plain part with the declared traitors, rebels and enemies of his majesty's crown, with power also to besiege houses and raise fire, for the better repressing of them, the said noblemen and others of his majesty's true and faithful subjects, for discharging of their duty in execution of the said commissions, with their friends, assistants and servants, searched and sought the said rebels and disobedient subjects, who, placing themselves in houses in sundry parts of this realm and keeping and fortifying the same against his majesty and his authority, they were forced to raise fire and use all other means of hostility for recovery of the same. Wherefore, his majesty, with advice of his three estates of this present parliament, decrees and declares that all things done by the said noblemen and others of his highness's faithful subjects within the time of the said civil troubles, for execution of the said commissions against whatsoever persons, his highness's rebels, traitors and disobedient subjects for the time, their servants, friends, assistants and partakers, were lawfully, well and dutifully done by them and that therein they have committed no crime nor offence, but obeyed his highness's and regents' commandments, exonerating and discharging them of all action, crime or offence that any party may pursue or move against them thereupon at any time hereafter.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.70r.
  2. In the margin: a cross denotes acts to be printed.