Act for preservation of meadows, lands and pasturages, lying adjacent to sand-hills

Our sovereign lord, considering that many lands, meadows and pasturages lying on the sea coasts have been ruined and overspread in many places of this kingdom by sand driven from adjacent sand-hills, the which has been mainly occasioned by the pulling up by the root of bent, juniper and broom bushes which did loosen and break the surface and skin of the said hills. And particularly considering that the barony of Culbin and house and yards thereof, lying within the sheriffdom of Elgin, is quite ruined and overspread with sand, the which was occasioned by the foresaid bad practice of pulling the bent and juniper, therefore, his majesty, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, for preventing of the like prejudices in time coming, does strictly prohibit and discharge the pulling of bent, broom or juniper of sand-hills for hereafter, either by the proprietors themselves, or any other whomsoever, the same being the natural fences of the adjacent countries to the said hills; certifying such as shall contravene this act, they shall not only be liable to the damages that shall then ensue, but shall likewise be liable in the sum of £10 of penalty, the one half thereof to belong to the informer, and the other half to the judge within whose jurisdiction the said contravention shall be committed.

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