1384, 21 September, Glasgow, ?Council

?Council Records

21 September 1384

Charter: to Sir William Douglas of an annuity of £40

Robert, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all good men of all his land, clerics and laymen, greeting. Know that we have given, granted and confirmed by this present charter to our beloved kinsman Sir William de Douglas, son of Sir Archibald de Douglas, lord of Galloway, our kinsman, for his service devoted and to be devoted to us, £40 sterling annually, to be received by the hand of our chamberlain who shall be for the time from our great customs of our burghs of Scotland on the south side of the River Forth, at two annual terms, namely Whitsun [May/June] and St Martin in winter [11 November], by equal portions, at Edinburgh. To be held and had by the same William and his heirs of us and our heirs in fee and heritage, until we or our heirs cause him or his to be provided with a more plentiful remuneration. In testimony of which matter we have ordered our seal to be appended to our present charter. Witnesses the venerable father in Christ William [de Landels], bishop of the church of St Andrews, John [de Peebles], bishop of the church of Dunkeld, our chancellor, John [Stewart], our firstborn son, earl of Carrick, steward of Scotland, Robert [Stewart], earl of Fife and earl of Menteith, our beloved son, James [Douglas, 2nd] earl of Douglas, our kinsman, Sir Archibald de Douglas and Sir Robert de Erskine, our kins[men]. At Glasgow at the time of our council held in the same place, on 21 September in the fourteenth year of our reign [1384].

  1. These document does not provide any evidence of a substantial assembly in Glasgow, nor is the phrase 'in pleno consilio' used, which would indicate a council with at least quasi-parliamentary powers. It is possible that the documents record nothing more than the king's daily council sitting in Glasgow, although in a period of ambiguous and evolving phraseology this cannot be certain. See, however, the reference in 1385/4/3 to an ordinance made by this Glasgow council. Back
  2. NAS, Register of the Great Seal, C1/8/2. Another copy of this charter is recorded on the same roll (NAS, C1/8/21), but in a slightly less detailed form. Back