Charter: to William de Menteith of West Kerse and Alva and the offices of sheriff and forester of Clackmannan

Robert, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all good men of all his land, clerics and laymen, greeting. Know that we have given, granted and confirmed by this our present charter to William de Menteith, son and heir of Mariota de Stirling, daughter and heiress of the land John de Stirling, knight, all the lands and tenements of our baronies of West Kerse and Alva, with the pertinents, in the sheriffdom of Stirling and wherever he pleases within our kingdom, and also the offices of sheriff and forester of Clackmannan, which were the said Mariota's and which the said Mariota, not led by force or fear or having lapsed into error, but with her pure and spontaneous wish, returned back to us and resigned by her letters patent at Scone in our full parliament held in the same place on 22 October A.D. 1382, in the presence of the magnates of our kingdom, and entirely quitclaimed in perpetuity all right and claim which she had or could have in the said lands and offices, with the pertinents, for herself and her heirs. All the said lands of West Kerse and Alva, along with the offices, with its tenantries of Ochiltrie and Perdovenyne of the same barony of West Kerse, to be held and had by the same William, and Elizabeth, his spouse, and the longest surviving of them, and the heirs procreated or to be procreated between them, whom perhaps failing the legitimate heirs of the said William whomsoever, of us and our heirs in fee and heritage in perpetuity, by all their rightful boundaries and divisions, with whatsoever their pertinents, in entire and free baronies, with soke and sac, toll and theame, infangthief and outfangthief, and with the tenantries and services of the free holders, in roads, footpaths, muirs and marshes, in meadows, grazing-lands and pastures, in woods and forests, in hawking-places, fisheries and hunting-grounds, in courts, escheats and their issues, mills, multures and their appurtenances, and in all and singular other rightful and customary liberties, profits, easements, fees and their other lawful pertinents whatsoever, pertaining to all the said lands and offices, also the tenements, or which may pertain in any way in future, in free forest and warren, as freely, quietly, integrally and peacefully as the said Mariota held and possessed the same with the pertinents before her aforementioned resignation. Making the due and customary service thereupon, saving the free hold of all the aforementioned lands, tenements and offices with the pertinents for the said Mariota for the entire time of her life. Wherefore we give firmly by way of mandate to all and singular of those to whom it concerns or can concern that they shall promptly answer to, comply with and maintain the same William and Elizabeth, his spouse, and the longest surviving of them, and their abovesaid heirs, in all and singular things touching the said offices. In testimony of which matter we have commanded our seal to be appended to our present charter. Witnesses the venerable fathers in Christ William [de Landels], bishop of the church of St Andrews, John [de Peebles], bishop of the church of Dunkeld, our chancellor, John [Stewart], our firstborn son, earl of Carrick, steward of Scotland, Robert [Stewart], earl of Fife and Menteith, our beloved son, William [Douglas, 1st] earl of Douglas, and earl of Mar, our kinsman, Sir James de Lindsay, our most beloved nephew, and Sir Robert Erskine, on 23 October in the twelfth year of our reign [1382].

  1. APS, i, 554, 'from a copy by Mr G Chalmers from a transcript by W Macfarlan of Macfarlan'. This copy and the original are almost certainly lost. Back
  2. Perhaps Ochiltree and Pardovan in West Lothian. Back