Robert II: Manuscript

1371, 26 March, Scone, Coronation Assembly

Additional Records

[26 March 1371]

Non-parliamentary record: account of the coronation of Robert II and the homage given to him by the prelates and magnates

Anno ab incarnacione Domini millesimo trecentesimo septuagesimo primo, die vicesimo sexto mensis Marcii apud Sconam, Robertus senescallus Scotie, comes de Stratherne, nepos inclite memorie domini Dauid de Bruys regis Scotie illustris nuper defuncti, coronatus et inunctus fuit in regem per reverendum in Christo patrem dominum Willelmum de Laundelys, episcopem Sancti Andree. Quibus coronationi et inunctioni interfuerunt domini prelati, comites et barones ac alii nobiles subscripti cum magna multitudine populi ex omni parte regni Scotie congregata.

  1. This assembly was described in the 15th century as a parliament (see note on 1371/4), but is not anywhere described overtly as such in the text. At one point it sat in the king's 'camera ... parliamenti', no doubt owing to the large numbers of people assembled. The scribe who created the section of Liber Niger in which 1371/1-3 are found did not differentiate between the proceedings of subsequent parliaments and the coronation, and it is likely that the lost rolls which recorded the proceedings of the coronation and parliament formed part of the same record. Note: APS, i, 549-50, includes two documents from 29 and 31 March 1371 under the heading 'In Parliamento apud Sconam'. The documents are commissions to certain persons to travel to France for negotiations. They do not mention parliament, nor is there any evidence they were associated with the coronation assembly, albeit they were issued only shortly after the coronation. They are therefore not included here. Back
  2. NAS, Liber Niger, PA5/4, f. 58r-v. Acts 1371/1 to 1371/3 were copied from a lost register of acts of 'permanent' importance. 1371/3 refers to the 'other register' of ordinances and deeds which were not permanent. The 'permanent' register will have included acts of parliament and also other proceedings, such as the coronation. Back