Legislation: private act
[John Erskine], earl of Mar's attestation

Concerning the supplication presented to the king's majesty and his estates assembled by John, earl of Mar, lord Erskine, making mention that where his highness has remained within this his majesty's castle of Stirling almost continually since his birth, being now entered in the fourteenth year of his age under the nurture of the said earl's late father John [Erskine], earl of Mar, lord Erskine, sometime regent to his highness, his realm and lieges, Annabella [Murray], countess of Mar, his mother, and Alexander Erskine of Gogar, master of Mar, his uncle, likewise, since his highness accepted the government of his realm in his own person, for the most part the said earl has had the charge of attendance upon his majesty and keeping of his said castle, wherein the said earl's goodwill has been and is faithfully to serve his highness, as God knows, to his majesty's good and honour and to the contentment of his nobility and whole subjects; but seeing his majesty's now coming, at God's pleasure, to the perfection of age, and that his highness, with advice of his estates, has found it expedient and resolved that his majesty shall hold his parliament at his burgh of Edinburgh and repair there in proper person, so that his continual residence in this castle, nor any other place, can be longer than his highness's self, with his resident council for the time, shall think fit and convenient for his majesty, most humbly, therefore, requiring his highness's attestation, declaration and discharge to the effect underwritten. Which supplication being read, heard and considered by the king's highness and his said estates presently assembled, and his majesty and they being well advised therewith, after mature deliberation, our sovereign lord and his said estates presently convened, all in one voice, without discrepancy or contradiction, find, declare, affirm and testify that the said John, earl of Mar, lord Erskine, his said late lord and father, his mother, his uncle, himself and his friends, servants and dependants assisting his said late father, his uncle and himself in performing of the charge of the preservation of his highness's person and castle of Stirling, into the which his majesty's residence has been to his present time, has done his highness true, thankful, worthy and good service and duly accomplished their said charges since the acceptance thereof, according to the instructions, acts of secret council and of parliament passed thereupon of before, allowing and approving the same presently; and that they and their sureties found by them for the keeping of the said castle of Stirling, in name and to the use and advantage of his highness, and attendance upon his majesty's person and preservation of the same within his said castle, at the devotion and direction of his majesty and his said council, be from the day that his highness departs from this castle toward Edinburgh freely exonerated, indemnified and discharged for them and their heirs of the bonds, acts and obligations made to this effect in time past by his said late father, his uncle, himself and their friends, and of all action, suit or claim that may be intended against him or them for receiving, accepting and using of the said charge by command of his highness, [Mary], the queen, his dearest mother, or any of his majesty's regents in time past, so that hereafter the said earl shall not be further obliged in keeping of the said castle of Stirling except as the other captains and keepers of his highness's castles and houses having the custody thereof in heritage or tacks or during his majesty's will, and that in sign and token of his majesty's favour and in part of recompense of that faithful goodwill and true service that his forebearers and himself has made to his majesty and his progenitors in time past, as he intends, God willing, to continue always in the like fidelity and true service to his majesty in time coming. And ordain this his present attestation, declaration and discharge to be ratified and approved in his highness's next parliament.

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