Procedure: continuation of parliament

The which day, in presence of the king's majesty and his estates assembled, it was put forward how his highness's parliament is proclaimed to be held at Edinburgh on 20 October 1579, to which his highness's own presence is thought necessary. And in respect of summons of treason executed against diverse persons to be forfeited in the said parliament, for certain crimes of treason and lese-majesty committed by them, it was reasoned whether the said parliament should hold forward at the day and place appointed or not, or if conveniently and usually new summons of treason might be directed against the said persons to any other day and place within or before the day of the said summons already executed. After which reasoning, it was found and declared that customarily no new summons of treason are directed to other days or places within or before the day of a summons standing already executed, and that it is most expedient and necessary that the said parliament also proclaimed shall hold forward in Edinburgh on 20 October 1579 and the said summons executed pursued therein according to the laws and justice; and for this effect, that the king's majesty shall remove from this his castle of Stirling toward Edinburgh, God willing, on 24 September 1579, accompanied with such of his nobility and other good subjects as he shall think fit and require to that effect, upon six days' warning.

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