Procedure: oath
[James Douglas], earl of Morton gave his oath

The which day, in presence of the king's majesty, nobility and estates above-written, James, earl of Morton, lord of Dalkeith, being admitted to be of his majesty's ordinary privy council, until the parliament appointed to be held at Edinburgh upon 10 July 1578, and in respect of the charge he bore of before as regent to his highness, ordained to have the first room and place in council, made faith and gave his oath by holding up his hand that he should give his faithful, loyal and true counsel in all things that should happen to be proposed in council tending to the honour and surety of his majesty's most noble person, the common affairs of his realm and lieges thereof, and keep the same secret and unrevealed by any manner of way, and to be responsible and accusable to his highness and his estates of his council, and that he shall remain, abide and be ready to give his counsel and not depart without licence of his majesty and the remainder of the same council.

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