Charge to keep certain pledges

The king's majesty, having now, by the advice of his nobility and estates upon the voluntary demission of [James Douglas], earl of Morton, his highness's late regent, accepted the government of his majesty's realm upon himself, and being presently occupied in the direction of the affairs thereof, it is found most requisite that the pledges and others detained for the good rule of the broken men inhabiting the borders of this realm be surely kept and, therefore, ordains a herald, master or other officer of arms to pass and in our sovereign lord's name and authority command and charge the persons underwritten, with whom the pledges specified were committed in keeping and remaining: they are to say, James Scrimgeour [of Dudhope], constable of Dundee, possessor of William Elliott, son to Martin Elliott, in his company; Patrick Houston of that Ilk, possessor of Rowy Elliott of the Park, in his custody; Peter Hay of Megginch, possessor of Gib Elliott of the Shaws, in his custody; David Graham of Fintry, knight, possessor of Armstrong [...], in his custody; Robert [Keith], commendator of Deer, possessor of David Armstrong, son to Thomas of Cannaby, in his custody; James [Stewart], commendator of Inchcolm, possessor of Will Bell, called Red Cloak, son to John Bell of Awy, in his custody; James Stirling of Keir, possessor of [...] Little, in his custody; George Buchanan of that Ilk, possessor of Quentin Nickson, son to Cleme the Crune, in his custody; to keep them and each one of them in surety and custody, not letting them depart or pass home upon bond, obligation or any other condition, for any occasion, without special warrant from our sovereign lord in writing, as they will do his majesty good service and answer upon their peril and under the pains contained in the acts made concerning the keeping of pledges.

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