Sederunt and discharge
[Colin Campbell], earl of Argyll presents the jewels

The which day, in presence of the noble and mighty lord James [Douglas], earl of Morton, lord of Dalkeith, regent to our sovereign lord, his realm and lieges, and of the nobility, estates and lords of the secret council underwritten, assembled at this present convention: they are to say, John [Lyon], lord Glamis, chancellor of Scotland, Archibald [Douglas], earl of Angus, lord Douglas and Abernethy, George [Gordon], earl of Huntly, lord Gordon and Badenoch, John [Stewart], earl of Atholl, lord of Balvenie, Andrew [Hay], earl of Erroll, lord Hay, John [Graham], earl of Montrose, lord Graham, Gilbert [Kennedy], earl of Cassilis, lord Kennedy, Hugh [Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, lord Montgomery, William [Cunningham], earl of Glencairn, lord of Kilmaurs, Andrew [Leslie], earl of Rothes, lord Leslie, Robert [Douglas], earl of Buchan, lord of Glendowachy, William [Graham], earl of Menteith, William [Keith], master of Marischal, James [Boyd], archbishop of Glasgow, Robert [Stewart], bishop of Caithness, George [Douglas], bishop of Moray, Adam [Bothwell], bishop of Orkney, Alexander [Gordon], bishop of Galloway, James [Paton], bishop of Dunkeld, Alexander [Campbell], bishop of Brechin, William [Ruthven], lord Ruthven, treasurer of Scotland, and provost of Perth, Patrick [Lindsay], lord Lindsay of the Byres, [Sir Simon Preston of Craigmillar], provost of Edinburgh, John [Maxwell], lord Maxwell, warden of the west march opposite England, Robert [Boyd], lord Boyd, [Sir John Stewart of Minto], provost of Glasgow, John [Maxwell], lord Herries, George [Seton], lord Seton, Hugh [Somerville], lord Somerville, William [Livingston], lord Livingston, Robert [Sempill], lord Sempill, Laurence [Oliphant], lord Oliphant, Alexander [Abernethy], lord Saltoun, Hugh [Fraser], lord Fraser of Lovat, Henry [Sinclair], lord Sinclair, Andrew [Stewart], lord Stewart of Ochiltree, Alan [Cathcart], lord Cathcart, William [Borthwick], lord Borthwick, Patrick [Gray], master of Gray, John [Forbes], master of Forbes, Robert [Pitcairn], commendator of Dunfermline, secretary to our sovereign lord, Mark [Kerr], commendator of Newbattle, Robert [Keith], commendator of Deer, James [Haliburton], commendator of Pittenweem, Robert [Richardson], commendator of St Mary's Isle, Alexander [Hume], commendator of Coldingham, Leonard [Leslie], abbot of Coupar [Angus], Walter [Reid], abbot of Kinloss, Andrew [Home], commendator of Jedburgh, James [Stewart], commendator of Inchcolm, Alexander [Colville], commendator of Culross, John [Winram], prior of Portmoak, Henry [Kinnear], commendator of Balmerino, Alan [Stewart], commendator of Crossraguel, John [Johnston], commendator of Soulseat, Sir William Murray of Tullibardine, knight, comptroller to our sovereign lord, Master William Baillie, lord Provand, president of the college of justice, Master James MacGill of Nether Rankeilour, clerk register, Sir John Bellenden of Auchnoull, knight, justice clerk, Master David Borthwick of Lochhill, advocate to our sovereign lord, Master James Haliburton, provost of Dundee, John Lockhart, provost of Ayr, and John Paterson, provost of Cupar; compeared a noble and mighty lord Colin, earl of Argyll, lord Campbell and Lorne, for himself and in name and on behalf of Dame Agnes Keith, countess of Argyll and Moray, his spouse, and of Elizabeth and Margaret Stewart, daughters and heirs of the late James [Stewart], earl of Moray, lord Abernethy, regent for the time, presented, exhibited and delivered to the said lord regent, in name and on behalf of our said sovereign lord, the jewels respectively underwritten, that is to say, a great 'H' of diamond, with a ruby pendant thereat, six other jewels thereof, three diamonds and the other three rubies intromitted with and kept by the said Dame Agnes and her said spouse since the decease of the said late Earl of Moray, and that for obeying of the command of the letters passed conforming to an act of secret council, according to an act of parliament, ordaining the said lord regent to search, seek and bring in all our sovereign lord's jewels to his highness's use wherever they might be apprehended, by the which the said Dame Agnes and her said spouse were charged to deliver the said jewels to the said lord regent; and therefore his grace, in name of our sovereign lord, with advice of the said secret council, grants him to have received the said jewels from the said Colin, earl of Argyll, Dame Agnes Keith, his spouse, the said Elizabeth and Margaret Stewart, discharging them, their heirs, successors, executors and assignees of the same forever; and for the more security, shall cause this present discharge to be ratified in the next parliament, in the best form, for their relief thereof.

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  2. Now called Glenquithle. Back