Concerning the transporting of salt out of this realm

Forasmuch as it is understood the great and exorbitant prices the small salt is lately risen to within this realm, which heretofore has never been seen or heard within the same, and there is no reason that the said strange dearth and novelty should be suffered to continue, but the occasion thereof to be timeously remedied; therefore our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of [James Douglas, earl of Morton], his dearest regent, the three estates and whole body of this present parliament, statutes and ordains that no small salt be transported out of this realm at any time hereafter, at the least for the space of three years next after the date of this present act, under the pain of confiscation of the salt, as also of the ships, vessels and other moveable goods of the persons, transporters thereof; providing always that the pain of this act extend not against strangers of Norway and others of the east parts who bring in timber in this realm, for which they are privileged by this present act to transport salt for the exchange of their money, conforming to the acts made of before.

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