Procedure: oaths

The which day the estates and others above-written, being convened in council, the parliament not as yet dissolved, entered in deliberation towards the present estate of the realm, now being destitute of a governor through the recent slaughter and away taking of the king's majesty's grandfather Matthew [Stewart], earl of Lennox, lord Darnley, lawful tutor and regent to his highness, his realm and lieges, his majesty being yet minor and unable to administer in his own person. And first, all in one voice agreed that one is more convenient to govern and rule in the king's majesty's minority, not more. Secondly, all promised and gave their solemn oaths to obey the person that should happen to be chosen to that place. And lastly, the noblemen present gave their oaths that whosoever should be chosen to the office of regency should accept the same and not refuse it.

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