1571, 28 August, Stirling, Parliament

Parliamentary Register

At Stirling, 28 August 1571

Procedure: opening of session

In the parliament of the most excellent and powerful prince James VI of that name, by the grace of God, most illustrious king of Scots, held and begun at Stirling in the tolbooth there, on 28 August in the year of the Lord 1571 and in the fifth year of the reign of the same, by his most dear late grandfather Matthew [Stewart], earl of Lennox, lord Darnley etc. and regent of the said supreme lord the king, the realm and his lieges, with the three estates of the realm present. It was finished and dissolved on 7 September following, by John [Erskine], formerly earl of Mar, lord Erskine etc. and regent for the time being of the said supreme lord our king, the realm and his subjects, with the three estates of the realm present. The acts which follow and the decrees are to be henceforth observed as fixed and binding, as acts.

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