Procedure: proclamation to muster the fencible men
Proclamation to be in readiness to resist the invasion of rebels

The which day, forasmuch as diverse of the nobility and estates of this realm being convened for taking of some good order in this commonwealth, that wrong and violence might be repressed and justice proceed to all the lieges of this realm, standing presently in so hard and dangerous a state through the loss of [James Stewart, earl of Moray], my lord regent's grace that rests with God, on which occasion wicked persons have already done that which was in them to disturb the public quietness and tranquillity which the lieges of this realm lately enjoyed, but, because diverse of the noblemen and estates come not to this present convention, some of them being far distant who could not conveniently keep and be present thereat through shortness of time, it is thought convenient by those who have convened not to proceed to any deliberation or final conclusion in the weighty affairs of the state of this commonwealth until the remainder of the nobility and estates, if it be possible or if they will, may convene together in one body, that, conferring opinions and minds together, they may in God's fear uniformly accord in some perfect resolution and good order for the establishing of the estates of this commonwealth, that equity and justice may be maintained amongst all the lieges, and all sedition, violence and injustice repressed. But, because there wants not wicked instruments to disturb so godly and necessary purposes and intentions, and that in this meantime the subjects truly meaning and looking for the fruit of the uniform conclusion of the nobility and estates may be assaulted and wrongfully invaded contrary to their expectation, it is thought fit by the lords of secret council and others of the nobility and estates presently convened that our sovereign lord's lieges be admonished by proclamation to put themselves in readiness to resist all violent force and unjust invasion, if any shall be attempted, or any innovation pressed until the end and conclusion of the said next convention. Therefore, the said lords ordain letters to be directed to officers of arms, sheriffs in that part, charging them to pass to the market crosses of the head burghs of all sheriffdoms of this realm and other places needful, and there by open proclamation in our sovereign lord's name and authority command and charge all and sundry our sovereign lord's lieges between 60 and 16 years, and other fencible persons, as well dwelling to burgh as to land, within regality as well as royalty, that they and each one of them, well equipped in fear of war, address and prepare themselves to be in full readiness, with 15 days' victuals and provision, to pass forward, as they shall be commanded and warned of new upon 24 hours' warning, to resist and oppose all unjust violence and actions of deed that shall be attempted or enterprised in whatsoever parts of this realm tending to the invasion of any the lieges or the hindering of so good purposes and intentions, under the pain of loss of life, lands and goods.

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