Procedure: votes of the convention in the matter of Mary's divorce
Regarding the divorce

The which day, in presence of [James Stewart, earl of Moray], my lord regent's grace, the lords of secret council and others of the nobility and estates above-written, compeared [Robert Boyd], lord Boyd and produced a procuratory subscribed by [Mary], the queen, mother to the king our sovereign, for pursuing of an action of divorce in her name against James [Hepburn], sometime earl of Bothwell, requiring that commandment might be given to the commissars of Edinburgh and others to give summons at her instance in the said matter. The said Lord Boyd being removed and his proposition put to deliberation amongst the lords of secret council, nobility and others of the estates above-written, whether they would give my lord regent's grace counsel to give command to the said commissars and others mentioned in the said procuratory to give summons and proceed in the said action of divorce upon that which was spoken or shown in writ, the said lords of secret council and others of the nobility and estates above-written voted as is particularly above-noted at their heads: that is to say, the persons noted with 'D.' denied to give his grace counsel to give any such commandment upon that which was spoken and produced in writ, and the other persons marked with 'G.' granted and gave counsel to his grace to give commandment as was desired. And [Robert Richardson, commendator of St Mary's Isle], treasurer, took instruments upon the granting and giving of counsel of the said persons to command the commissars to proceed, alleging the same to be prejudicial to our sovereign lord and his authority.

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