Procedure: answers of the convention to articles from the general assembly
Answers given by [James Stewart, earl of Moray], my lord regent's grace, with advice of the lords of secret council and others of the nobility and estates assembled at the convention in Perth on 29 July 1569, to certain articles directed from the general assembly of the kirk

Regarding the act made in the general assembly concerning the assignations of the ministers' stipends, my lord regent's grace, with advice of the lords of secret council and others of the nobility and estates assembled at this present convention, ordains the assignations to be put in form and thereafter to be presented to the exchequer, to be seen and considered by the lords auditors thereof, to the effect that the order being found good and reasonable by them and such of the kirk as shall happen to be present with them, provisions may thereafter be made and expedited in particular thereupon, according to the meaning of the said act; providing that the commissars or procurators of the kirk at the said exchequer present the names of the whole kirks in Scotland, and how many ministers are presently thereat, to the end it may be known what kirks are presently provided and what kirks destitute and desolate of ministration; as also agree the perfect order of how the ministers should be paid by the thirds or otherwise, and have all writs in readiness which may clear doubts and further resolution.

Regarding the article desiring that the manses and glebes may be given to the ministers for their residence at the kirks, and that the law thereupon may be made clear that it may take execution, and likewise concerning the reparation of the kirks, my lord regent's grace, with advice foresaid, promised that he shall cause four, three or two godly, discreet and wise men within the bounds of every superintendent's charge to pass with the superintendent or commissioner within that country or province and visit the manses and glebes of all the kirks within the same, to the effect they may report to my lord regent's grace and lords foresaid what is the particular quantity of every manse and glebe, by whom the same is presently occupied and inhabited, and by what right and title; as also how much they think sufficient for the lodging and commodity of every minister or reader, and, if they may, to appoint the minister or reader with the possessor of the manse and glebe, and as they do, to report; upon whose report his grace shall affirm that he shall see the kirk and ministers presently put in possession of so much of the said manses and glebes as shall be thought necessary by the said superintendents and visitors for the lodging and commodity of the minister or reader as said is, where there are no titles to impede the same; and in case the same titles of the law be reducible or may be declared null, his grace shall assure that he shall see justice ministered thereupon with expedition; and where the matter stands in terms that the present possessors cannot be removed by order of law without an explanation of the act of parliament, his grace shall travail to have the same act explained and made clear at the next parliament, to the effect it may take execution in all times thereafter. And toward the reparation of the kirks, his grace understands that there are acts of the secret council sufficient in that behalf already, if the same shall be put into execution.

Regarding the article desiring that superintendents may be planted throughout the whole realm as there are already in some parts thereof, my lord regent's grace is content that should be done, the persons being godly and learned.

Regarding the article desiring that the commissars may be appointed throughout the whole realm to take cognizance in the causes of divorce, my lord regent's grace promised to take sufficient order in that country by advice of the lords of session in the next sitting down thereof.

Regarding the articles desiring that remedy may be provided against the chopping and changing of benefices and feuing of the same, diminishing of rentals, setting of long tacks in defraud of the kirk, and that all tacks set since the assumption of the thirds may be disannuled, with express inhibition against the same in time coming, my lord regent's grace ordains the said article to be well-enlarged and extended and presented in the next parliament, where the same shall have a good answer and resolution, which presently cannot be well done in default of a special and express law against the abuses.

Regarding the article desiring that the jurisdiction of the kirk may be separate from all that is civil, my lord regent's grace ordains the persons nominated in the act of parliament to convene the time of the next exchequer and define and limit the said jurisdiction according to the word of God and the said act of parliament.

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