Judicial proceeding: treason

The which day [James Stewart, earl of Moray], my lord regent, and three estates of parliament have found that all the persons called this day, to the number of 18 persons, have committed treason upon the whole points of the summons libelled, and supersede the pronunciation of the doom upon Hugh [Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, Gilbert [Kennedy], earl of Cassilis, John [Maxwell], lord Herries, Sir William Maxwell, his son and apparent heir, John [Fleming], lord Fleming, William [Hay], lord Hay of Yester, James Cockburn of Skirling, knight, John Fleming of Boghall, John Gordon of Lochinvar, Patrick Hepburn, younger of Waughton, William Hepburn, younger of Gilmerton, Adam Hepburn of Smeaton, Patrick Congalton of that Ilk, William Newton of that Ilk, David Hamilton of Fingalton, knight, [...] Hamilton of Torrance, Robert Hamilton of Torrance and Cuthbert Hamilton of Camdar, to be pronounced in presence of the said three estates in this present running parliament when they please, which they declare to run until the same be declared to be deserted by the said estates.

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